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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ News ~
Posted on Sep 1st, 2015
Just a reminder that our new management company took over on  September 1st.  Steve Follis of Trent Management is our new property manager.  He can be contacted via the website at
Posted on Aug 27th, 2015
MP ladies, do you just LOVE to play BUNCO?  A planning meeting to organize a group is set for October 8th at 7:30 p.m.  They intend to meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  Check out the Morse Pointe Facebook page for more details.
Posted on Aug 9th, 2015
Every day we drive in and out of Morse Pointe and probably don't notice the little things.  One thing we have noticed is the condition of mailboxes in our community.  Wonder what prospective buyers think when they drive through.  Does your mailbox need to be replaced or repainted?  Are your house numbers on the box?  How about the mailbox post; does it need to be painted?  We can at least help with that.  Our mailbox posts are required to be painted the same color, and the HOA board has the paint!  Just contact Lori Ketner at 773-1837 or via the contact information here on the website and she'll be glad to furnish you with the paint to spruce up your mailbox post FOR FREE!  You'll be surprised at the difference it makes. 
Posted on Jun 11th, 2015
Neighborhood Notes
Posted on Apr 22nd, 2015
If you are considering installing a NEW fence on your property, please be aware of the revised rule passed by the Board of Directors.  Any new construction fence MUST BE PLACED DIRECTLY ON THE SIDE PROPERTY LINES of your lot.  If your neighbor has already placed a fence on the side property line, you will be required to tie into it and the corners must meet.  This rule is also in effect for anyone who presently has a fence and replaces either of the sides of it.  If your lot already has a fence installed, you are not required to move your fence to the property line.  Should you replace a fence in the future, it will be required at that time.  REMEMBER, you must have a permit from the City of Noblesville AND architectural approval from the Board before you can begin construction of a fence.   Architectural approval forms are available on this website.
Posted on Feb 9th, 2015
Please remember that our covenants specifically state that trash and recycling receptacles are to be stored out of sight.  We know that the containers are large, but these containers simply cannot be placed on the side of your home or left in front of your garage.  It is unsightly and attracts critters.  The Board will begin enforcing this covenant more strictly and ask that you comply so that you will not be cited.
In regard to these receptacles, if you are not able to store these items in your garage due to space restrictions, you may construct a wooden screen or fence to keep the receptacles out of sight.  There is no need to obtain a permit from the City of Noblesville to install a screen as long as the screen does not exceed 12 linear feet.  But, you are still required to obtain architectural approval from the HOA in order to install this screen, and those forms are available here on the website.


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~ Upcoming Events ~
Noblesville Farmers Market
Saturday, May 9th to Saturday, October 24th, 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at County parking lot west of White River on SR 32
The Noblesville Farmers Market will return on May 9th and will be open every Saturday morning into October.  Check out all the fresh produce, flowers, and items for sale!
White River Celebration
Saturday, September 12th, 8 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at White River and the Logan Street Bridge
One of the highlights is the $1M Duck Race!
Fall Community Garage Sales
Friday, September 18th to Saturday, September 19th, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Our fall garage sale event is scheduled for September 18th and 19th.  Time to clean out closets (again)!
Atlanta New Earth Festival
Saturday, September 26th to Sunday, September 27th at Downtown Atlanta, IN
Arts, crafts, and lots of food!