Rental Restriction Amendment

Proposed Amendment - Rental Restriction
After talking with many Morse Pointe homeowners, the Board of Directors has decided to attempt for a second time, to amend our governing documents to limit the number of rental properties in our community.  Our intent is not to “get rid of” renters or eliminate rentals entirely but to limit the growth in the total number of them in the neighborhood.  
Below is a summary of our proposed changes:
  • Limit the number of rental houses in the community to 20.  Of the 291 lots, this would be approximately seven percent (7%) of homes in the community which would be allowed to be leased properties.  We currently have 46 rentals.
  • Existing rental homes would be grandfathered in until they are sold.  Approving this change would block any more homes in the community from becoming rental properties.
  • If a homeowner should have a hardship and need to rent his or her home, their request can be made to the Board in writing for review and possible approval.
  • This proposal would also limit the leasing of short-term rentals in Morse Pointe such as Air B&B.  Additionally, all rental owners must be current on their HOA fees for the year to maintain their status.  
To view the specifics of the changes, select the document here.
To sign your consent concerning this amendment (due 5 p.m. Dec. 1, 2023), select this document.